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Automatic Head Lice Eliminator

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Electric Head Lice Removal is a revolutionary device that incorporates combing and vacuuming to eliminate head lice and eggs.  Lice can easily be passed onto family and friends. 

Product Information:

    • ✅ Works on ANY type of hair.
    • ✅ Removes eggs and nits
    • ✅ Can be used on wet hair
    • ✅ 100% NO Chemical and NO Pesticide
    • ✅ Removes and Eliminates ALL traces of Lice
    • ✅ Safe and stress-free with no smelly pesticides, great for children
    • ✅ Energy saver


How it Works:

    • ✅ Nano-bind Teeth use positive ions shocks and detach ALL lice
    • ✅ The vacuum small engine traps head lice and eggs into the filter
    • ✅ UV Light completely eliminates all captured lice and eggs



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Package Includes: 

☑️ 1 x Machine - Chemical Free
☑️ 3 x Filters Pouches 
☑️ 1 x User Manual